Empowering youth: highlights from SCU’s visit to ISP Schools in North America

July 1, 2024

The SCU Team has recently returned from a highly successful visit to International Schools Partnership (ISP) schools across Canada and the USA, celebrating North America as the highest fundraising region for SCU within the ISP network.

Over the course of this impactful tour, the team visited eight schools, engaging with an impressive 3,050 students. Highlights of the visits included inspiring presentations by Young Leaders, Drika from Brazil and Ailyn from the USA, who captivated audiences with their personal stories and received a VIP welcome at every stop.

Drika shared her story to children during assemblies.

The tour was rich with activities, featuring nine assemblies where the story of SCU and the significance of the Street Child World Cup were shared. These assemblies served as powerful platforms to educate and inspire students about the issues faced by some children and the transformative power of sports. Additionally, 13 workshops were delivered, focusing on the themes of gratitude and the experiences of street children. These sessions were particularly impactful, encouraging students to reflect deeply on their own lives and the resilience of those less fortunate. A student at Riviera School in Seattle reflected, “We should be grateful for what we have… it’s also amazing that children on the streets have such a passion for sport.”

Football sessions reinforced messages on child rights.

The workshops were not just theoretical; they were action-oriented, culminating in football skills sessions that reinforced messages of identity and child rights. This hands-on approach helped to embed the lessons learned in a memorable and engaging way. Additionally, one school took the initiative to organize a special screening of the film ‘I am Somebody’ for students, staff, and parents, further extending the educational impact of the SCU team’s visit.

The power of partnership: SCU team with ISP staff.

This tour has been a testament to the strong partnership between ISP and SCU which was established back in 2019, showcasing the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change and fostering global citizenship among students. We are eagerly looking forward to visiting more ISP schools in the near future, continuing to spread the message of hope, resilience, and the importance of supporting street children around the world.

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