We build a global platform for street children, so they can demand the protection, support, and opportunities every child deserves.

SDG 16

Many street-connected children don’t have a birth certificate or official identification. Birth registration helps ensure children can access healthcare and education.

SDG 16

SCU works to end the abuse, exploitaton, trafficking and all forms of violence against street children who, due to their status have little, if any, access to justice or social services.

Right to Education

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Street-connected children are rarely able or allowed to go to school or access education that supports the specific challenges they face.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Street girls are less visible that street boys and particularly vulnerable.

Who are we?

John Wroe

Co-Founder and CEO

Gianni Buttice

Head of Fundraising

Julia Pimenta

Head of Teams & Programmes

Hannah Fowles

Head of Marketing & Communications 

Tom Rensmann

Head of Operations

Raluca Bogdan

People and Education Coordinator

Anya Welch

Fundraising & Programme Coordinator

Ann Mills

Data and Evaluation Manager

“I know from personal experience just what power sport can have to inspire and change young people’s lives whatever their background or nationality. This is what the Street Child World Cup is all about and I give it my full support.

David Beckham OBE


“My life journey has not been the easiest but whenever there have been hurdles, football has been the one constant that has given me an outlet for my frustrations, as well as a dogged belief in myself and life experiences I could have only dreamed of. To be a SCU ambassador is really important for me as I want to be that inspiration for other young people who haven’t got it so easy; I want them to know that if you truly believe in yourself and your goals, anything is possible.”
Ella Masar, Prof. Footballer & SCU Ambassador

Young Leaders

What are Young Leaders?

Street Child United are proud to work with exceptional young people identified as future leaders. Our goal is to help them become advocates for street-connected children, who can bring about social change in their respective communities.

Our Young Leaders


Alex White

Preeti Shetty

John Egan

Archie Kalyana

Chuli Scarfe

Tom Ward

Fiona Cullen

Andy Cribb

Greg Clements

Dr. Arun Midha

Niul Hatcher