SCU is excited to launch team applications for the Street Child World Cup 2026, to be held in North America.



Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, 28 teams, from 24 countries, representing street children across this globe came together for Street Child World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 13 girls team and 15 boys team participated in an international football tournament, a festival of arts and a congress, to champion the rights of underserved children worldwide.


More than a game

SCU shines a spotlight on children living in street situations, the adversities they face and the fundamental rights they lack. It is our mission to change this by advocating for their core demands: identity, protection from violence, gender equality and access to education.


A platform for expression

Art is used to help young people be creative, make friends and express themselves. Through painting, theatre, music and dance the young people overcome language barriers, have fun, laugh together and reflect on what’s going on.

Girls Teams @ the 2022 SCWC

Street Child United Brazil, Brazil

Street Child United Brazil was created following the 2014 Street Child World Cup and is now a fully independent Brazilian NGO.  It is situated in one of the most dangerous communities in Rio, the Complexo de Penha favela.

Boys Teams @ the 2022 SCWC

O Pequeno Nazareno (OPN), Brazil

OPN’s mission is to bring about government policy change regarding street-connected children and increase funding within the sector. Their work includes protection of children from child labour and sexual exploitation, family intervention, and campaigning for the rights of street-connected children.

Past Events

Durban 2010
Rio 2014
Moscow 2018

What happened in Moscow, 2018?

The third Street Child World Cup took place in Moscow from 10 – 18 May 2018, bringing more than 200 young people from 19 countries together to campaign for the rights and protection of street-connected children.

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From here down is the Moscow content


Playing like the Pros.

The young people played football at Lokomotiv Moscow – the Russian Premier League Champions – were welcomed at the British Ambassador’s Residence, visited Red Square and enjoyed a boat tour of the river Moskva.

Brazil Girls and Uzbekistan Boys won the football tournaments, but all the young people are champions. The global football community supported the event, including FIFA World Cup Winner and Arsenal Invincible Gilberto Silva, Khalida Popal, Ryan Giggs, Gary Lineaker and Alan Shearer.

"We demand to be treated as children and people, not as a piece of trash."

Hendra, Team Philippines


Treat us like humans!

Julia was one of 23 young people speaking on behalf of the teams taking part in the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 and the millions of street-connected young people across the world.

The young people’s statements addressed the situation of street-connected children in their countries. Collectively they called for an end to the stigmatisation of street-connected young people, protection and support from their governments, for all children to receive a legal identity at birth and access to education and healthcare.

The message spread far beyond the people present that day – the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 was reported on in every country that took part, and many more, reaching an audience of millions.

“We are the youth holding the world accountable for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Juliana, Team USA


World Champion Gilberto Silva attended the exhibition.

The young people had crafted their messages through Congress workshops, which were run over the course of the previous week. The Congress workshops were led by StreetInvest, our Official Child Participation Consultant and Facilitator for the Congress.

The General Assembly and art exhibition was attended by FIFA World Cup winner Gilberto Silva as well as the ambassador of Burundi, and representatives of the British and Brazilian embassies. The event was hosted by Street Child United Alumni, young people who have taken part in previous Street Child United events and are now working to support other young people from similar backgrounds.


"The most important thing for us is peace around the world. People should become kinder."

Alex, Team Russia


Leaders of the world heard us!

Through taking part in the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018, seven teams (Bolivia Girls, Burundi Boys, Indonesia Boys, Mauritius Girls, Nepal Boys, Pakistan Boys and Tanzania Girls) have been able to take their young people’s messages directly to their governments.