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Change is Coming.

The Prince of Wales was keen to remind Team England before they travelled to Doha that the Street Child World Cup was about far more than football. Nothing epitomised that message better than today’s General Assembly, when all 28 teams gathered to share messages of advocacy to the world in front of a huge audience which included Her Excellency of Qatar.

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Education…access for all

Today the focus shifted from football to education as participants headed to Hamilton International School – part of the ISP portfolio – for a day of learning, exchange and most of all fun!

Story of Hope: Pads for equal education

This is part two of a series of inspiring stories about the young people we serve. This story is about Devendra, who withstood the bullying of his friends to help his cousin attend school during her period.

Tears & Laughter

Yet another scorching day in Doha began with one of the more poignant moments of the last week. The Sudanese and Bosnian teams visited Qatar Charity for a brief ceremony in which players had the chance to meet the sponsors who have supported them since becoming orphans.

The power of art

Following last night’s draw in Oxygen Park, all 28 teams joined together again at Multaqa this morning, with informal games allowing players to showcase their football skills and display their national colours in the form of handmade bracelets.

Story of Hope: Aya plays football

This is part one of a series of inspiring stories about the young people we serve. This story is about Aya, who wanted to play football, but football is for boys she was told.

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