Chennai to host the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023

April 12, 2023
21 teams representing 15 countries will take part in the tournament

Street Child United, in partnership with Shree Dayaa Foundation, is delighted to announce that the Street Child Cricket World Cup will take place from 20th – 30th September 2023, Chennai, India.

21 teams, representing 15 countries, will come together for the ten-day event that will include a street-cricket T-20 style tournament, art workshops and child-friendly Congress sessions. The event will unite 168 children living in street situations and provide them a platform to advocate for their child rights.

This will be the second edition of the Street Child Cricket World Cup (SCCWC) following the success of the inaugural event hosted in the UK in 2019. The tournament will take place at Amir Mahal, the official residence of the titular Nawab of Arcot.

On the pitch...

National teams of mixed boys’ and girls’ players will represent their countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, England, Hungary, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe. There will also be seven Indian teams representing different organisations from different regions.  Off the pitch, the young people will make their voices heard and make recommendations to help improve the lives of street-connected children worldwide.

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Speaking about the upcoming event, John Wroe, SCU co-founder and CEO said:”We are thrilled to be hosting the next Street Child Cricket World Cup in Chennai, a city that boasts a chemistry of culture, passion, and warm hospitality, to create something magical. 

Our friends and partners at the Shree Dayaa Foundation – Latha and her team – share our commitment to ensure that every child, no matter their background, can access their fundamental Rights; we are delighted to be working alongside them to deliver this game-changing event. 

We are also extremely grateful to have received the support of the Prince of Arcot and his father who will be kindly hosting us; alongside the support of our friend Oliver Ballhatchet MBE and the British High Commission, who have made hosting the SCCWC in Chennai a very exciting prospect. A special thanks to our friends at Save the Children India who will be assisting with the advocacy work which is such an integral piece of the event and the work we do.”

Commenting our Shree Dayaa Foundation’s involvement, Latha Rajinikanth: 

Shree Dayaa Foundation is very happy to join hands with Street Child United for the upcoming event “Street Children World Cup Cricket”. It is of utmost importance and our moral duty as an adult society to work for the progress, happiness, and welfare of children across the globe, uniting them through sports, arts, and culture. When we join hands with the less fortunate among us, it opens avenues of hope and brings joy to many young lives as they wait for us to reach out to them. Come…join us on this special occasion when we can clap our hands together to uplift and motivate young skills.