Education…access for all

October 14, 2022

Today the focus shifted from football to education as participants headed to Hamilton International School –  part of the ISP portfolio – for a day of learning, exchange and most of all fun!

Today’s visit was especially pertinent given that access to education is one of the main advocate pillars of the SCWC. Street Child United believes that the cost of education (school fees, uniforms, books and transport) is a barrier for many children across the world, and that governments should ensure that children in street situations can enrol in schools.

From science to design technology; maths to ultimate frisbee; drama to science; the children spent the day rotating between 14 specially curated sessions designed to give them a taste of lessons which many have not had the opportunity to experience before.

At the end of the day, participants sat down to a spectacular, multi-national dinner cooked by Hamilton’s parents. It felt like every cuisine on the globe was represented, as the entire SCWC party was treated to a real extravaganza of world cooking.

Thereafter everyone proceeded into the theatre for the week’s second Late Show. A truly global showcase of cultures in Hamilton’s stunning auditorium began with Team India’s Bhangra dancing, before Egypt fused traditional and modern in their representation of their culture. As in the first Late Show, the audience was buoyant and supportive of those on stage, epitomising the spirit of the Street Child World Cup.

Hungary performed a play highlighting the diversity within their squad, before Mauritius brought a tropical feeling to the auditorium thanks to brilliants vocals and drumming.

Following a two-song set from the Park House school band, Nepal wowed with a martial arts display, whilst Pakistan showcased their rich culture with five different dances.

Uganda then brought the house down and united the audience with a religious dance, symbolising the feeling that ‘God has opened the way for us’, a sentiment which their team believed summed up the feelings of everyone at Street Child World Cup.

Philippines only added to the electric atmosphere with a traditional dance of their own, before Brazil concluded the show with an energetic, acrobatic and typically rhythmical performance, clad in iconic yellow shirts bearing the number 10. The acts concluded with an endearing display by the school’s choir.

To round off the evening, onto the stage strode Hamilton principal Terry Senior. In his closing remarks he paid tribute to a truly special day, saying: “Sometimes we fear the unknown, and I wasn’t sure what would happen when you all turned up today.

“However, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ve loved being part of it. You’ve made a difference in our lives and when you go home you’re going to make a huge difference in other people’s lives because of what you’ve achieved here.”

Wherever this amazing group of people go they seem to make a huge, positive impact, and Hamilton was no different. As the 2022 Street Child World Cup enters the home strait the atmosphere could not be warmer, and with a busy final few days to come, the joyous scenes witnessed at Hamilton today should only continue.