Round 2 Report – Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023

September 28, 2023

The second round of fixtures of the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023 has seen the tournament explode into life, with all three groups beginning to form their shape as teams target qualification for Saturday’s finals day.

Players enjoyed a refreshing spray of water at lunch

There is something in the air here in Chennai, where cricket fever has firmly taken root. 

In Group A, front runners Bangladesh have stormed into the quarter finals winning all four of their opening matches so far, with Sri Lanka and South Africa currently looking set to join them. 

Group B contains the highly impressive Uganda – also unbeaten – who are likely to be joined by Zimbabwe in the knockout stages. However, the final qualification spot is up for grabs for Nepal or England to seize.

Then there’s Group C, our all Indian group that is all action. India Tigers have been dominant thus far, but the second (and final) qualification position is wide open…

On the boundary rope, there have been countless heartwarming displays of sportspersonship and empathy that the Street Child Cricket World Cup has come to be known for. One Nepalese “fast off-spin” bowler eloquently stated that his team at last year’s Street Child Football World Cup may not have won many matches, but they “finished first in friendship”. This delightful spirit has been carried through here in Chennai, and not just by team Nepal.

Mexico – who have several first time cricket players in their ranks – put up an admirable fight in their afternoon match, but ended up being beaten by Zimbabwe. The winners proceeded to call them onto the field post-match, forming a huddle between the two teams and chanting the names of each others’ country – a special moment of friendship and empathy. 

Elsewhere, Wednesday saw the anticipated match up between Uganda and England, with the former putting on a tournament record (so far) of 82 runs – and defending this comfortably. Later in the afternoon, Uganda took the win against Zimbabwe in a close game, placing themselves as favorites to reach the final from Group B. Bangladesh and India Tigers (both at the top of the other two groups) may have something to say about that however…

The next round of matches will take place on Friday, where the group stage of the tournament will be concluded. If the previous two days of cricket are anything to go by, expect competitive matches and more warm displays of friendship between the teams.

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