SCU Young Leaders affect change in their communities with sport for dev initiatives

May 1, 2024

In partnership with the Qatar Fund for Development, Street Child United (SCU) launched a grant program empowering 11 Young Leaders (YLs) to kickstart sports for development projects.

After the Street Child World Cup in Doha, each YL returned to their community ready to make a difference. With grants ranging from £2,500 to £10,000, they embarked on impactful endeavours.

SCU Young Leaders pitched their programmes to QFFD at the SCWC 2022.

On going impact...

YLs collaborated with mentors from SCU and International Schools Partnership (ISP) to refine project plans. Notably, Deyna and Jhoselin (Bolivia) received internal mentorship from Alalay Foundation staff due to their NGO affiliations.

“I am so proud of  the work being delivered through Street Stars Foundation” says Sadock,”Through football, we’re giving kids in Mwanza hope, skills, and opportunities they never thought possible.”

Projects spanned continents, addressing diverse needs. Initiatives like Street Stars Foundation in Tanzania and Play Like a Girl in Brazil focused on talent development and empowering young women. Meanwhile, ventures like Muslim Hands Football Academy in Pakistan and The General Health in Egypt employed sports for education and empowerment.

These initiatives, impacting 348 individuals directly and indirectly, provided safe spaces, education, and life skills from Mirpur to Rio de Janeiro. Mentors played a pivotal role in offering guidance and ensuring project success.

As these projects continue in 2023, they exemplify sports’ transformative potential in empowering youth and fostering positive change worldwide.

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