Seaside splashing, slides and sunset

September 29, 2023

We’re more than halfway through the week, and the General Assembly – an opportunity for the young people to share their demands for action in front of many – is soon approaching. Teams focused on finessing their voices, before letting off some serious steam on a splash-filled trip in the afternoon.

The day began with each team finalising their declaration messages in their penultimate Congress session. They used the time to work on huge protest-style posters that will display their voices loud and clear. Whether it be issues with education, health, gender equality or shelter, these requests for improvement in their communities will empower the teams and give them a vehicle to drive change once they return home. 

The teams enjoy sunset at the seaside in Chennai

After an important morning, and an intense day of cricket yesterday, it was time for some fun! The children headed off to the Water Park, where they were greeted by a giant wave pool and onlooking DJ creating a mega splash party. The teams showed off their moves in the rain dance area, and enjoyed a huge faux waterfall and swirling rubber ring slides. 

The fun-filled afternoon ended with a stunning sunset over the park’s stretch of private beach. Many of the children, including teams Nepal and Hungary, had never seen the ocean before, and had the time of their lives splashing around for the first ever time in the waves. One Hungary team member said: “It was really nice. The beach was huge and the sand was soft! We don’t have something like this in Hungary”.

The joy didn’t stop there – the arrival of the evening meant it was time for our third Late Show of the week. This time everyone was entertained with colourful performances from teams India Panthers, India Cobras, Bangladesh, Burundi and Mauritius. Special guest attendees cheered on as the Panthers celebrated Kolkata, Bangladesh performed a dance inspired by the seasons, and Burundi stomped and sang the house down.

Thank you gifts were presented to British Deputy High Commissioner Oliver Ballatchet, and his wife Raylsiyaly Rivero (Ray), by children from Bangladesh, England, Mexico and India, to share their gratitude for bringing the Street Child Cricket World Cup to Chennai and being long-time supporters of the charity. Street Child United would be nothing without the incredible support of its friends, the same way the teams of young people rely on the support of each other throughout the week, to build their confidence in advocating for themselves and performing their best on the pitch. 

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