Street Child United and Callan Online partner to empower Young Leaders through English education.

April 5, 2024

Street Child United (SCU) is delighted to announce that Callan Online, a division of the esteemed Callan Method Group, will be providing English language education to 40 participants on the Street Child United Young Leaders programme.

For over six decades, language schools worldwide have embraced the Callan Method as a proven approach to English language instruction. Now, Callan Online is leveraging its expertise by providing tailored lessons to SCU Young Leaders in small group settings. Each week, participants engage in three to five hours of immersive online learning facilitated by Callan authorised teachers.

Lesson in progress!

“The Callan Method is ideally suited to the requirements of the Young Leaders programme,” remarked Jaime Perles, Programme Manager at Callan Online. “With its emphasis on rapid fluency and confidence-building, our approach aligns perfectly with the goals of SCU. We’re thrilled to witness the enthusiasm and progress of these young learners as they engage with our dynamic lessons.”

The Method’s immersive, English-only instruction fosters inclusivity among diverse groups, catering to learners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. As a result, SCU Young Leaders benefit from a holistic language learning experience that equips them with vital communication skills for their future endeavours.

The Callan Method is a unique way to learn English language.

“The Callan Method’s dynamic and immersive approach resonates strongly with SCU’s vision for our Young Leaders worldwide. Its proven effectiveness in rapidly improving language proficiency aligns perfectly with our commitment to equipping our Young Leaders with the English requirements they need to succeed,” commented Raluca Bogan, SCU Young Leader Manager.

The Young Leader Programme (YLP) is a flagship initiative of Street Child United (SCU), designed to cultivate emerging leaders within communities. Young Leaders are previous participants of SCU events who demonstrate qualities associated with leadership and are nominated by their respective programmes.

64 individuals – 32 girls, 32 boys, joined the most recent Young Leader cohort at the start of the year. They will embark on the 16 month programme which provides a structured framework for personal, educational, and professional advancement. Through a series of language courses, core leadership modules, specialised workshops, mentorship opportunities, and community projects, participants undergo comprehensive development while advocating for the rights of street-connected children.

The YLP not only empowers its participants but also contributes to the broader societal goal of fostering inclusivity and social justice.
Through this partnership, Street Child United and Callan online are empowering young voices worldwide, bridging linguistic barriers, fostering cultural understanding, and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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