Street Child World Cup 2022 Postponement

October 4, 2021

The Street Child United Team, in conjunction with key stakeholders, have – after much consideration – decided to push the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) back to 3-15 October 2022.

In light of the ever-changing global situation, and having received considerable insight from partners into current and expected travel restrictions for Qatar, it has been decided that the delivery of SCWC in March 2022 would be logistically challenging and risk a severe reduction in the number of teams able to take part.

It is hoped that by allowing ourselves an extra six months of preparation time, the global health situation and vaccine programmes will have developed in such a way as to make travel into and out of Doha considerably easier. Detailed work has already been done to ensure that a COVID-secure plan is built for SCWC delivery, which will also be aided by this extra six months of lead up time. SCU and partners in Doha believe this is the right decision to make and it has been considered and approved by the SCU Board of Trustees. We will now work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that SCWC is delivered safely in October 2022.


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Commenting on the decision, SCU founder and CEO John Wroe stated:

“We as an organisation always prioritise the welfare of the young people joining us at SCU events and in this instance we feel it safer for all those involved to postpone until October. This is turn means more teams will be able to join us and ultimately we can create a greater impact.”