The Power of Art: From drumming to dance parties

September 25, 2023

The young people enjoyed their first day of the arts programme, and all 19 teams were together for the first time at the evening’s ‘Late Show’.

It may be named the ‘Street Child Cricket World Cup’, but the young people competing in Chennai are here to enjoy a vast array of activities beyond the central sport event. Art plays a powerful role over the next week, and the arts programme has begun with a bang of colour.

The young people immersed themselves in local culture throughout the morning, participating in art sessions led by local experts and volunteers. They danced to the beat of India with Jeni from United Grooves Dance, practised traditional Tamil Parai drumming with Murasu, perfected their calligraphy and printed words of unity, identity and equality with Azhar, and sang their hearts out with Helen Robbins, chanting in harmony: “We are one world, one voice, one heart beating”.

The teams dancing with Jeni from United Grooves Dance

But the energy of the day truly exploded at the evening’s inaugural ‘Late Show’ – a series of performance nights that will happen throughout the week, giving the young people an opportunity to showcase their talents, perform on behalf of their nation and express themselves on stage. 

The crowd was enthralled by inspirational dance and drama performances from teams India Lions and India Crocodiles. Team Uganda followed with a hip-popping African dance, while the Nepalese team flipped and kicked their way through an impressive taekwondo routine.  

It also marked the very first time all 19 teams were together in one room. Following journeys of varying difficulty, which amplified the key theme of the event about the importance of identity, every team finally made it. To recognise the incredible effort that has gone into bringing the young people to India, the leaders of teams Hungary and South Africa were rewarded for their perseverance, along with Karen who supported not only her own team of Uganda, but also helped Zimbabwe and Rwanda to get their visas.

The evening ended with an impromptu roof-lifting dance party, where volunteers, staff and teams alike filled the room with music, movement and laughter – setting the tone for the first cricket group stage games. 

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