The power of art

October 9, 2022

Following last night’s draw in Oxygen Park, all 28 teams joined together again at Multaqa this morning, with informal games allowing players to showcase their football skills and display their national colours in the form of handmade bracelets.

The artistic theme continued into the first formal session of the day, when players congregated back into their team groups for a second morning of Arts sessions.

On today’s agenda was the creation of multi-layered collage artworks, focusing on the theme of identity.

All of the teams’ creations will be on display in Katara cultural village on October 14.

Following their lunch break, the teams once again engaged in a Congress session where, following yesterday’s introduction, players began to discuss the barriers they face, and their goals for their participation in the event.

From there, it was back out onto the pitches of Oxygen Park, for the teams’ final training session before the group stages of the competition commence.

With the temperature falling, the powerful Doha sun was replaced by a stunning full moon, complementing Oxygen Park’s eye-catching floodlights and creating an outstanding spectacle.

Further inspiration was provided by football freestyler Raquel, who wowed the players with her array of impressive skills as she toured the training facility.

Following dinner, all teams returned to Oxygen Park, where ten of them took centre stage in the event’s first Late Show.

After high-octane dance performances from Tanzania and Brazil girls started proceedings, team England – from the Beatles’ home city of Liverpool – united the entire audience in a moment which will live long in the memory.

On what would have been John Lennon’s birthday, they asked all team captains to join them on stage and pledge commitment to the values of fair play, equality and climate change, to the soundtrack of Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

Shay, a member of the English squad, explained:

“The ball has been around the country and signed by at least 200 people. It’s going to the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand next year, and we thought it was important to bring it here to promote three great values.”

Fantastic musical performances from Bolivia, Palestine – a dance for equality – Peru, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Burundi followed, before the USA ended the evening with the cha cha slide.

The routine brought the entire audience to its feet – a fitting conclusion to an inspirational day.